|| Dear people ||
Debraj Shome & Aparna Govil Bhaske
My ratings (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5)

“Medicine is a Pandora’s box and every patient adds to our learning experience ” – Dr Samiran Nundy.

βœ” Title of the book is ” Dear people, with love & Care, YOUR DOCTORS” . Its clearly mentioned that plot is about ‘Doctor _ patient relationship’. Trust me ! The book has a lot of things to learn without this only specially for the people who thinks Doctors are convict then This book will definetly change your mind. .
βœ” The book is specially written by real experiences from Doctors. PATIENT names have been changed in all the chapters in view of patient confidentiality. .
βœ” Total 34 chapters are written by different doctors from their own experinces and they are true indeed. everything was not taken from good memories. Some chapters are new inventions like ” hand transplant” . some l “never give up” that incidents really motivated me. one more chapter ” the night i nearly killed my patient ” it was described by makeing a knot between emotion and struggle. Its a lesson indeed. Mistake is common for mankind. Its not exceptional for doctors too But have faith on them. Stop violence! .

βœ”author Aparna has drawn some pictures thats mindblowing. There is a chapter ” your Faith shall heal you “by Dr Rohit shetty! She has drawn sceneris how is it from Meera’s( a patient) vision! Thats mindblowing. Not only there, but also in multiple chapters like hand transplant, the reverses of immediate mortality and so on.. wrinting style is good. Many Medical terms have been used & I have learnt a lot about them. That made my reading speed slow but I love that. .
βœ”every chapters are started with a quote from The doctor from that particular chapter & ended with ” Did you know?” Some sci-medical informations. That increased my knowledge level. .
βœ”Highly recommended this book for those who dont consider doctors as God! Read this book your hatred about doctors will be shivered. You will start to believe them if you dont! And also will have a faith on Miracles!


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